Monday, October 26, 2009

Our very own 'Little Red Riding Hood'

She still loves to play the role of Little Red Riding Hood from time to time. That’s why I am still keeping her jacket, which she can hardly squeeze in now. The jacket is meant for a 2-year old. So you can imagine how small it is for her to wear but this girl really like it so much. She thinks she looks really like Little Red Riding Hood after donning it :D

Whenever she wants to be ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ (usually after reading to her the story before bedtime), she would fish out her jacket from the cabinet, put it on and after that carry my bag and walk into the bathroom. At the same time, she would tell me to lie down on the bed and pretend to be her unwell grandmother whom she’s suppose to visit. She would start her play when I’m ready on the bed by walking out from the bathroom and then pretend feeding me with 'food' that she has in her bag.

I do enjoy the fun moments with her but sometimes she would go on and on with it until I have to say ENOUGH, LET’S GO TO BED NOW!! Kids, they just don’t get bored doing the same thing over and over again.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

She Is 5

Sweetie, today is your 5 T H B I R T H D A Y ! !

b-day glitters

Here’s wishing you happiness and good health always…

Daddy & mummy LOVE you very, very much!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Lollipop Treat

Daddy came home one day and surprised her with a lollipop. It’s her favourite orange flavour Chupa Chups. Her attention was diverted to the lollipop straight away.

That’s how happy she looks when she’s given a sweet treat. Daddy surely knows how to pamper his little girl :D But I always remind him to do it sparingly...not very healthy to eat so much sweet stuff, right?

She was hooked on the TV in this ‘siew cheh’ position while sucking on her lollipop. She normally doesn’t sit like this. It’s only when I tell her to sit properly and to sit like a young lady, her legs will automatically cross over….haha.

And here’s what she’s supposed to do after her lollipop session.

Friday, October 09, 2009

My Helpful Girl

My little girl is very helpful at times. She will gladly do the things that we ask her to do. For example, to take something for us from the room or kitchen, to throw unused papers or wrappers into the waste paper basket, to switch on and off the TV, etc.

Of course, there are times when she’s not so co-operative. Sometimes, we have to repeat our requests many times and if this fails, we have to do it ourselves. Now I know...never get her to help when she’s in the midst of doing something, e.g. watching TV or playing toys. Chances of getting her to budge are very slim.

Sometime ago I taught her how to set the dining table. Now she can do the job very well. Whenever I ask her to help me to set the table, she will eagerly run to the kitchen drawer and slowly fish out the chopsticks and spoon. She will then take the cutlery to the dining table and arrange them neatly.

Here's my little helper, helping me to set the table for dinner.

She also helped to pour the soya sauce onto the sauce plate.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

A Slice Of Cheese And Some Crackers

Sharlene loves cheese. One day while she was having her slice of cheese, I gave her a cookie cutter and some crackers. Ever since then she loves to take her cheese with crackers :)

Firstly, I showed her the way to use the cookie cutter. She was thrilled and wanted to play with the cutter straight away.

Needless to say, she did the rest of the work!

After that, she placed the cut cheese onto the crackers.

Yums! she loved it and even chomped down the odds and ends of the cheese.

Friday, October 02, 2009

Hari Raya Holidays (Part 2)

There is a slight delay in putting up Part 2 (the continuation of previous post) due to my computer problem. I’ve not been able to access to Internet since Monday. How frustrating! The problem was attributed to a faulty splitter and we finally got the connection back last night after changing a new splitter.

So now back to Part 2.

We proceeded to walk around the mall after our sumptuous lunch at Kinsahi Restaurant. We ended up at Jusco, as we didn’t want to miss out on the last day of sale on that day (2nd day of Raya) . My parents and I went separate ways to shop while Sharlene enjoyed herself at the game arcade inside the children department of Jusco. Got my sis to accompany her and that allows me to shop freely…heheh. Grabbed a few stuff (blouses for myself, socks, pajamas and some cute flowery panties for Sharlene). She is obsessed with dress type of pajamas lately so I got her 2 and 1 for her piao cheh.

Sharlene was halfway doing her sand art when I went over to look for them. Ah Yee helped by peeling off stickers and suggesting what colours to put.

Then she wanted to try her hands on basketball. Daddy carried her up and she happily threw the ball a few rounds until she got tired.

She went to this machine later and dunno what she did?....she spoilt the handle *shake head*
Here she’s trying to fix it back.

We left the mall and drove over to a nearby hypermarket, as my mum needs to get some fruits for juicing. During our stay there, my mum made everyone a glass of fresh fruit juice every morning.

We had dinner before we headed home. We were exhausted after a day out but this girl of mine is definitely not feeling weary at all. She was playing and eating the whole night!

Look! She was having a whale of a time with Ah Yee who was watching TV at the same time. Guess Ah Yee wasn't having fun at all with Sharlene disturbing her, climbing and rolling on top of her :D

Next, she played with koong koong’s rocking chair.

Then she ran to the kitchen (my aunt was cutting fruits) and she got herself a slice of pineapple. Her first time trying this fruit and she liked it. Probably, it was sweet. She wanted another slice but I said no...heheh. Offered her papaya but she refused.

She chose bananas instead, one of her all-time favourite! See how she enjoyed her fruit.

Aunty Jane (my mum’s younger sister) and her younger daughter came by later. As usual, she bought some toys for Sharlene, one of which is hula-hoop. While I chat with aunty, she had fun with her new toy.

The whole family went out again the next day, this time to 2 shopping malls. Shopping and eating again…haha. Well, what else to do in JB besides heading to the malls! Oh, we went hunting for ice-kacang and rojak too! Found one recommended by my sis but unfortunately the shop was closed. We then went to another one. We ordered so many items there until we were so stuffed. But we still went out for dinner later :D

After a good lunch prepared by my aunt the next day, we loaded our stuff into the car and said bye-bye to everyone.

As usual, our car boot was stuffed to the brim

In the car she fooled around with my shawl. She asked me to decorate her head with the shawl and here’s what I did. How’s that? She’s satisfied and gave me a big smile. Oh, I so love her smile!! :D

We truly enjoyed our stay and look forward to the next trip, hopefully before the end of this year.
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