Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My Super Lazy Girl

Hubby called me this morning and he mentioned about Sharlene over the phone. It was only a short conversation about her laziness again.

Sharlene is really lazy in the morning of a school day. She refuses to wake up, refuses to let Aunty YK brush her teeth, wash her bum, change her clothes. She will give all sorts of excuses to stay on the bed such as "I’m sleepy", "I’m tired", "I don’t want to go to school", or "Today no school". Aunty YK and hubby have to take turns to coax her every morning. And my lazy girl will only get up after 1/2 hrs of resting and rolling on her bed. Sometimes, she even creates another episode of drama in the bathroom...:( Sigh! What a pain!!

Having to deal with all these, I'm glad that hubby still manages to fetch Sharlene to the kindy on time, as the place is just a few houses away from our house.

I really hope this is only a passing phase and that her sluggish attitude will cease soon. In the meantime, we are trying our best as parents to be more patient with her.

Friday, July 25, 2008


Sharlene and her cousin sister are always together. Sharlene likes to follow her piao cheh everywhere in the house, play with her, kiss, hug and disturb her. My house is always very noisy when these 2 girls are together. Here you see them talking and playing with each other, the next minute you will see them fighting and scolding each other, and one of them will sure end up crying. Then, I will have to intercept and comfort the one who is howling. This happens almost everyday. How I wish they could play peacefully with each other. At least, I can have some quiet moments at home. Nowadays, Sharlene doesn’t quite like to part with her belongings such as her toys and books and sometimes refuse to share these things with her piao cheh.

Last Saturday, we went to IUtama for shopping. Before leaving the complex, we went to Canton-i Restaurant for dinner. Sharlene insisted on sitting next to her piao cheh again. So, while waiting for our food to arrive, we were being entertained by these 2 gals with their mischievous antics....

the boring look....she's so naughty and playful here and poor piao cheh kena cekik by her.

and the next moment, they were pretending to sleep.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Yummy Yam Cake

This tray of mouth-watering savoury yam cake (“Wu Tow Ko”) was taken out from the wok at around 11.45pm, Saturday night. While the yam cake is still hot, I sprinkled lots of dried prawns, fried shallots, spring onions and red chillies on top of the cake. Although it was my first attempt in making this snack, I was delighted it turned out so well and presentable! At least, my effort is not wasted.

Last Sunday, we had yam cake for breakfast together with homemade soya bean. Oh my, look at those big chunks of yam and I could taste it almost on every bite. But I wonder, why my yam cake doesn’t look as purple as the one in the recipe? Maybe, it wasn’t a purple yam. Anyway, it’s always better to have homemade food…definitely more nutritious, natural and economical. And for those of you who wish to try out this snack, you can get the recipe from Amy Beh Book 2. It’s really very easy to do. The next time, I will add in some five-spiced powder and increase a bit more water, as I prefer a softer texture.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Time Flies.....

Sharlene is 3 years and 9 months old today and in another 3 months time she will be 4 years old. Time really flies....from the day she was conceived to the day she was in my arms a few seconds after she was delivered, to the day she took her first step and to the day she went to pre-school. I just can’t believe my eyes that my little girl is turning 4 years old very soon.

Here I wish to jot down some of her recent likes and dislikes, her most up-to-date development and behaviour before it slip away from my memory...

She likes -
· to drink plain water, barley without sugar, nutritious soup, prune juice with honey, fruit juice, vitagen, yakult, cod liver oil, yoghurts, etc
· and crazy over cheese, butter, peanut butter, all sort of nuts, chocolates, seaweed, ice-cream, honey stars and junk food (I’ve to keep all these out of her sight)
· to eat oats, noodles, chicken drumstick, eggs, cucumber, etc
· fruits – banana, orange, apples, strawberry, kiwi, grapes, durian, rambutan, and many more.
· junk food (I hate to see her eating all those unhealthy food and will only pamper her with the junkies once in a while)
· books, her soft toys, cats and dogs, to go to the playground.

She dislikes -
· and hates medicines but has no problem in taking traditional chinese medicines….really can’t understand why she prefers bitter to sweet taste.
· taking afternoon nap. FYI, she has stopped napping from 18 months onwards
· waking up early to go to school
· to put any hair clips, hair bands or even to tie her hair. That’s why she has to keep her hair short.

Some of her recent development and behaviour that I could think of at this moment…
· no more wearing diapers at night. She will wake up in the middle of the night if she needs to wee wee.
· Takes her own meal from time to time
· Able to use chopsticks although not very good at it
· Able to recite numbers from 1-40 (in English), 1-10 (in Malay) and 1-10 (in Mandarin). Daddy is trying very hard to get her to count in Hakka dialect but so far, no progress.
· Can read out some of her story-books (I think more of memorizing it than recognizing the words).
· Able to move the cursor and click on the computer mouse.
· Likes to do things on her own and feels very proud after completion of a task
· Wants to be number 1 in everything, refuses to be the loser.
· Very stubborn and refuses to listen to instructions most of the time.
· Extremely strong-minded and persistent in getting the things she wants.
· Cry and whine over a trivial issue.

Despite her character and behaviors that can sometimes drive me up the wall and flare up my temper all the time, I love her unconditionally and feel very happy and proud of her whenever she reaches a slight achievement.

Reminder to myself: Try not to emphasize too much on her not-so-good character and behaviors, as well as not to expect too much from her. Enjoy her childhood, appreciate and LOVE her everyday!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Sharlene's Homework

Sharlene has no homework for the 1st half of this year (1st School Term). However, when the 2nd school term started in June this year, she has been bringing back homework almost every other day. Here’s how her completed homework looks like. She coloured the picture and did the letter tracing at the foot of the page.

Aunty YK (Sharlene’s nanny) will check her school bag everyday and look for books with ‘Homework’ chop stamped on top of the page. If she has homework on that day, Aunty YK will get her to do it after her lunch and shower. So far, she completes her homework (mostly colouring) before I reach home in the evening. According to Aunty YK, Sharlene does her homework depending on her mood on that day. If she is happy and not lazy she will colour the picture neatly and beautifully. Otherwise, she will simply scribble and use only 1 type of colour to colour the entire picture.:( Or she will procrastinate by giving all sorts of excuses to her nanny. Anyway, I’m glad that she completes her homework and so far, she hasn’t left any work undone. “Good Job Sharlene!”

Thursday, July 17, 2008

My Busy Saturday...Part 2

As mentioned in my previous post I had a busy, hectic and tiring Saturday and I spent most of my time in the kitchen. Well, we had a small gathering at home on that night. SIL called some friends over for ‘get together’ and makan-makan. For the gathering, I prepared some easy and simple food – Spaghetti Bolognese, Fried Tomyam Vermicelli, Steamed Glutinous Rice (‘Loh Mai Fun’), a Butter Sultana Raisin Cake and red bean soup. SIL made cabbage and chicken salad and fruit rojak (combination of assorted cut fruits/vegetables, sauce and roasted peanuts, pounded). She bought the rojak sauce and crispy crackers to go with it. One of her friends was so kind to get for us some really nice and colourful nyonya kuih, assorted pastries and tarts for desserts.

Here’s how I start my day in the kitchen:-

· Walked into the kitchen around 6a.m., prepared barley drink and soup of the day for Sharlene. It’s my girl’s all-time favorite soup and I love to boil this nutritious soup for her whenever her nanny is not around. Cut 1 each of potato, carrot, onion and tomato and let it boil with one big chunk of meat in the slow cooker. We called it ABC’s soup.

· Soaked 1½ packet of glutinous rice and dried mushrooms, took out a block of butter, peeled and sliced 1 bowl of shallots, fried them and some peanuts. While busy with all these, hubby came down getting ready to go for morning jog with SIL. How I wish I could follow them. *Sigh!*

· I thought of having breakfast before I proceed with the rest but before I could do that, Sharlene came down quietly and she crawled to the kitchen when I was packing the fried shallots and peanuts into bottles for later use. I stopped my chores instantly and brought her upstairs.

· While in the bedroom with her I gave a bottle of sugarless barley drink to her, she had her milk shortly after that, played with toys, sat in her potty and read books at the same time, obediently did her colouring homework, helped her to brush teeth, and changed into day clothes, put her toys away. A while later we left the room and went downstairs.

· By the time we went down my sil already came back from the market with loads of stuff. I had a quick cup of coffee plus 2 slices of buttered wholegrain bread and continued my work in the kitchen. Cooked red bean soup and quickly cut a few deboned chicken thighs, breast meat and prawns, marinated them and kept in the fridge.

· Took out my cake mixer from the storeroom. Weighed all ingredients for the cake and proceeded to mix the items. That was the time my naughty girl came to disturb me when she heard the sound of the mixer. She played with my flour, meddled with my measuring spoons, spooned out the butter and put it into her mouth. I was mixing the ingredients and at the same time persuading and preventing her from touching the things on the table. Despite her interference, I finished the mixing process and shoved the cake pan into the oven.

· Prepared plain oats for Sharlene’s lunch. She took the oats with a bowl of ABCs soup and walloped the carrot, onion and tomato. SIL ‘tar-pau’ some food for lunch. After I had my lunch I took a short break.

· By the time I went inside the kitchen the cake and red bean soup were ready. Next, I prepared the ingredients for spaghetti and cooked the sauce. Then I steamed 2 trays of glutinous rice and lastly, fried 2 packets of tomyam vermicelli and boiled the spaghetti. In between all these, Sharlene came in and out of the kitchen to request for this and that. Once her requests were met, she walked away without fuss.

· It was almost 5.30p.m after I finished my last dish. Before the guests arrive, I bathed Sharlene, took a shower myself, and let her have some food.

So, that was how I spent my Saturday cooking and cooking in the kitchen. Before I go, here are some photos of the food taken by hubby.

Steamed Glutinous Rice

Tomyam Vermicelli

Cabbage and Chicken Salad

Assorted Nyonya Kuih and Tarts

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My Busy Saturday...Part 1

I was super busy on last Saturday. At the end of the day when everything was over, I was completely worn-out. As Sharlene’s nanny was on leave, I woke up much earlier than my usual time to get things done before my girl wakes up. I was very reluctant to open my eyes and pull myself up when the alarm struck 5.45a.m. At that moment my mind was filled with the scores of things I need to do and I can’t afford to waste time lying on my bed. I quickly got down from the bed, stopped the alarm from buzzing and within a few minutes later, I was all ready to start my day. From the minute I stepped out of my bedroom I spent most of my time in the kitchen. I don’t even have time for Sharlene or do any of my personal stuff. Besides cooking, feeding and bathing her, I actually didn’t spend much valuable time with her on that busy day. I did everything with her hurriedly.

Find out in my next post on what I did in my kitchen.

I need to go now to get some assignment done.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Sharlene’s Nanny Was On Leave

Sharlene’s nanny a.k.a Aunty YK has been staying with us since the day Sharlene was born. She was my confinement lady and later agreed to stay on to babysit Sharlene and cook for us. I'm so lucky and thankful to have her around and I don't have to worry leaving Sharlene at home with her as I know she adores her and will take care of her well. Most importantly, my girl adores her. Initially, I got jealous and upset everytime Sharlene shows affection to her or wants her to carry and do everything. But now, Sharlene prefers her mummy more!

Aunty YK will go back to her sister’s house once in a month, sometimes twice a month. Sometimes, she will go back to her hometown, Ipoh and that is when I have to take leave to look after Sharlene. She was on leave during the weekend. Hubby sent her home (sister’s house) on Friday night and fetched her back again last night. Sharlene and I tagged along last night. After dinner I hurriedly brought her to the room upstairs to brush her teeth and change her pyjamas. Knowing she will doze off in the car, I made a bottle of milk and got ready a bottle of water for her to drink during the journey. True enough, my little rascal fell asleep after her milk session and before we could even reach Aunty YK’s house. As she was so tired and sleepy, she wasn’t aware that I carried her all the way from the car to the bedroom upstairs and placed her onto her bed. After that I went downstairs to have a bowl of red bean soup and whilst having conversation with Aunty YK about what had transpired over the last 2 days, I heard Sharlene’s loud wail. I quickly ran upstairs and saw her standing outside the room crying pitifully. I carried her to the room, put her on the potty, hugged her tightly and pacified her at the same time. Oh my god, she wee-weed so much in the potty. I believe she woke up because she wants to wee-wee and when she found that no one was in the room, she wailed her lungs out. However, I’m glad she went back to sleep later without much fuss.

Next, I will post about my busy, hectic and tiring weekend without Sharlene’s nanny. So, please stay tuned for my upcoming post.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

I Fell From My Bed

...and hurt my left leg a few nights ago. Thank god, it wasn’t serious, just had minor cut and bruises on my foot. I have no difficulty in walking, wearing shoes and driving. But the wound was so sore and painful especially when it is drying up now. It’s worse during bath time when water gets into the wound…. ouch! I just hate that throbbing feeling.

This was what happened that night:

I was woken up by Sharlene’s cry in the middle of the night. I didn’t look at the clock, so I don’t know what time was that. I got up (but still on my bed), looked at her and asked her what she wants. She told me she wants to wee-wee. As I was too lazy and could hardly open my sleepy eyes, I told her to go to the potty herself. She was still crying and wants me to come down and bring her to the potty. Without hesitation I quickly got down from my bed to help her before she wets her pants. But instead of standing on my feet, I fell abruptly and sat on my left foot. I screamed in pain. That was when I realized that my leg was numb (without sensation) and thus, caused me to collapse. Hubby heard my scream and got up quickly to see what happen. Sharlene was also shock to see me on the floor and asked me a few times, mummy, what happened to you? Hubby slowly lifted me up from the ground. He also helped to put Sharlene on the potty. After wee-wee, she went back to her bed and dozed off again. I applied some medication on the wound and shortly after that we also went back to sleep.

Sometimes, while sleeping I am awakened by my arms feeling like pins and needles that progresses to complete numbness. They return to normal after rubbing and moving them. And this time it was my legs. Really do not know the reasons to all these. Hubby said it could be my sleeping positions and blood circulation problem. I really hope this numbness thing won't cause any serious problem for me.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Psyllium Husk…..What an awful taste!

Hubby bought 1 big packet of psyllium husk from a pharmacy many months ago. It was so long ago until I can’t even remember when was that. The packet was opened with a plastic spoon inside and was placed inside a plastic container. Hubby must have tried it and don’t like the taste of it and since then, the container with psyllium husk was left inside the kitchen cabinet.

As I was searching the kitchen cabinet the other day, I found the psyllium husk, which was left there some time ago. I looked for the expiry date on the packet but couldn’t locate it. If the product has already expired, I would just throw it away. But on second thought, instead of wasting it maybe I can try to drink it. So, I made myself a cup of drink by mixing 1 mug of plain water with 1 tbsp of psyllium husk….and I tell you it took me so long to finish up that mug of thick and slimy drink. I just can’t bring myself to gulp down the drink. Once the psyllium seeds are exposed to water it absorbs the water, swells, and forms a slippery layer. It’s also tasteless and odorless. Maybe, I should mix it with fruit juice the next time.

Psyllium husk is rich in soluble fiber and well known for helping to relieve symptoms related to constipation. As Psyllium absorbs water it becomes like a sponge that has the ability to absorb toxic substances off the wall of our colon. Thus, it also acts as an excellent cleanser for our colon.

Despite the awful taste which I experienced the other day, I'm going to bear with it and continue taking psyllium husk for the above and other health benefits.

Friday, July 04, 2008

New Books For Sharlene

Last Saturday, I sent Sharlene’s nanny to the dental clinic nearby my house. As there were a few patients ahead of her and while waiting for her to finish her dental checkup, I went to a bookstore close by to spend some time. My SIL brought the kids to the newly open McDonald’s near our place.

I got these 2 activity books for Sharlene at the bookstore, which I think she will love doing it especially the one with stickers activity. I’ve not shown it to her yet. Hopefully, she can have some fun doing it tomorrow morning.

Besides the 2 activity books, I also bought a foldable book on ‘Safety’. This foldable book has other titles as well. But I liked this one the most and it was the only one left on the shelf. Sharlene loved this book too and she has been looking at it for the past few nights.

I hope by reading this book to her, she can be familiar with the dangerous items in the house, such as a hot iron, a boiling soup on the stove, a wet floor and many, many more which are very hazardous. I’m sure everyone will agree with me that parents have the responsibility to ensure their young children’s safety at all times.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

She's Enjoying 2 Types Of Ice-Cream At The Same Time

Look at both of Sharlene's hands. She was holding and licking 2 ice-cream at the same time. At first, she was only eating the vanilla ice-cream cone as requested by her. When she saw daddy is opening another ice-cream for himself, she wanted to try that as well. And that's how she ended up holding 2 ice-cream here. But at the end, she still prefers the vanilla ice-cream cone and returned the green ice-lolly to daddy. And look at her blouse, eewww...., its all stained with chocolate ice-cream.

The above pix was taken at my niece's school. Last Sunday morning, after picking up my nephew from his tuition centre we went to my niece's school for a Food & Fun Fair organized by the school. Having 4 booklets of coupon totalling RM200 which we purchased earlier from the school, we spent mostly on food, drinks, games for the kids, and toys. The school was so crowded with teachers, students, parents and their children. There were many games and rides for children, but we were too lazy to queue and wait for it. Nevertheless, my niece had a chance to ride on a pony. As for Sharlene, she had fun time eating and running around the school field. After finishing our coupons, we left the school at around 1pm.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

One Day Five Meals

No, I'm not having 5 meals in a day. I'm actually referring to the Astro programme -'One Day Five Meals' showing on Sunday night at 9.00pm. Every Sunday nights, the folks in my house would sit in front of the TV at 9.00pm sharp to watch the show on channel 311. If the kids are watching cartoon shows at that time, they will be told to switch the channel to 311. That's how crazy and addicted they get over this food programme. But so far, we have not visited any of the restaurants or eatery outlets featured in the programme.

After watching the programme on one of the Sundays, my SIL, who loves to try out new food, suggested to go to '1 Stop Cafe' for dinner on Saturday night. This cafe was featured on channel 311 on 15 June 2008. This cafe is located in Ipoh Road. We went last Saturday and based on the location map which was printed in Astro website, our drivers (hubby and BIL) found the place easily.

Here's the map...

This restaurant serves both local and western food, different combination of fresh fruit juices, smoothies, desserts and many more. We ordered 3 types of noodles, western food for the kids and some of the following items shown here....

'Lobak' or spiced meat roll

Tortillas stuffed with fried eggs, minced chicken meat and vege

Sandwich Roll which really looks like sushi. When this plate of sandwich was served on the table, my BIL thought it was sushi. Seaweed sheet and white bread rolled with tuna, eggs, carrot and zucchini sticks.

And lastly, Pumpkin Pie which resembles mini pumpkins. I find this dessert is not very sweet but a bit too oily.

We loved the food there and will definitely visit the place again for more of their other food. And the price is also very reasonable.
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