Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My Busy Saturday...Part 1

I was super busy on last Saturday. At the end of the day when everything was over, I was completely worn-out. As Sharlene’s nanny was on leave, I woke up much earlier than my usual time to get things done before my girl wakes up. I was very reluctant to open my eyes and pull myself up when the alarm struck 5.45a.m. At that moment my mind was filled with the scores of things I need to do and I can’t afford to waste time lying on my bed. I quickly got down from the bed, stopped the alarm from buzzing and within a few minutes later, I was all ready to start my day. From the minute I stepped out of my bedroom I spent most of my time in the kitchen. I don’t even have time for Sharlene or do any of my personal stuff. Besides cooking, feeding and bathing her, I actually didn’t spend much valuable time with her on that busy day. I did everything with her hurriedly.

Find out in my next post on what I did in my kitchen.

I need to go now to get some assignment done.

1 comment:

JO-N said...

Busy days are days when you find yourself most efficient.

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