Wednesday, July 02, 2008

She's Enjoying 2 Types Of Ice-Cream At The Same Time

Look at both of Sharlene's hands. She was holding and licking 2 ice-cream at the same time. At first, she was only eating the vanilla ice-cream cone as requested by her. When she saw daddy is opening another ice-cream for himself, she wanted to try that as well. And that's how she ended up holding 2 ice-cream here. But at the end, she still prefers the vanilla ice-cream cone and returned the green ice-lolly to daddy. And look at her blouse, eewww...., its all stained with chocolate ice-cream.

The above pix was taken at my niece's school. Last Sunday morning, after picking up my nephew from his tuition centre we went to my niece's school for a Food & Fun Fair organized by the school. Having 4 booklets of coupon totalling RM200 which we purchased earlier from the school, we spent mostly on food, drinks, games for the kids, and toys. The school was so crowded with teachers, students, parents and their children. There were many games and rides for children, but we were too lazy to queue and wait for it. Nevertheless, my niece had a chance to ride on a pony. As for Sharlene, she had fun time eating and running around the school field. After finishing our coupons, we left the school at around 1pm.

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