Monday, July 14, 2008

Sharlene’s Nanny Was On Leave

Sharlene’s nanny a.k.a Aunty YK has been staying with us since the day Sharlene was born. She was my confinement lady and later agreed to stay on to babysit Sharlene and cook for us. I'm so lucky and thankful to have her around and I don't have to worry leaving Sharlene at home with her as I know she adores her and will take care of her well. Most importantly, my girl adores her. Initially, I got jealous and upset everytime Sharlene shows affection to her or wants her to carry and do everything. But now, Sharlene prefers her mummy more!

Aunty YK will go back to her sister’s house once in a month, sometimes twice a month. Sometimes, she will go back to her hometown, Ipoh and that is when I have to take leave to look after Sharlene. She was on leave during the weekend. Hubby sent her home (sister’s house) on Friday night and fetched her back again last night. Sharlene and I tagged along last night. After dinner I hurriedly brought her to the room upstairs to brush her teeth and change her pyjamas. Knowing she will doze off in the car, I made a bottle of milk and got ready a bottle of water for her to drink during the journey. True enough, my little rascal fell asleep after her milk session and before we could even reach Aunty YK’s house. As she was so tired and sleepy, she wasn’t aware that I carried her all the way from the car to the bedroom upstairs and placed her onto her bed. After that I went downstairs to have a bowl of red bean soup and whilst having conversation with Aunty YK about what had transpired over the last 2 days, I heard Sharlene’s loud wail. I quickly ran upstairs and saw her standing outside the room crying pitifully. I carried her to the room, put her on the potty, hugged her tightly and pacified her at the same time. Oh my god, she wee-weed so much in the potty. I believe she woke up because she wants to wee-wee and when she found that no one was in the room, she wailed her lungs out. However, I’m glad she went back to sleep later without much fuss.

Next, I will post about my busy, hectic and tiring weekend without Sharlene’s nanny. So, please stay tuned for my upcoming post.

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