Friday, July 04, 2008

New Books For Sharlene

Last Saturday, I sent Sharlene’s nanny to the dental clinic nearby my house. As there were a few patients ahead of her and while waiting for her to finish her dental checkup, I went to a bookstore close by to spend some time. My SIL brought the kids to the newly open McDonald’s near our place.

I got these 2 activity books for Sharlene at the bookstore, which I think she will love doing it especially the one with stickers activity. I’ve not shown it to her yet. Hopefully, she can have some fun doing it tomorrow morning.

Besides the 2 activity books, I also bought a foldable book on ‘Safety’. This foldable book has other titles as well. But I liked this one the most and it was the only one left on the shelf. Sharlene loved this book too and she has been looking at it for the past few nights.

I hope by reading this book to her, she can be familiar with the dangerous items in the house, such as a hot iron, a boiling soup on the stove, a wet floor and many, many more which are very hazardous. I’m sure everyone will agree with me that parents have the responsibility to ensure their young children’s safety at all times.

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