Monday, July 07, 2008

Psyllium Husk…..What an awful taste!

Hubby bought 1 big packet of psyllium husk from a pharmacy many months ago. It was so long ago until I can’t even remember when was that. The packet was opened with a plastic spoon inside and was placed inside a plastic container. Hubby must have tried it and don’t like the taste of it and since then, the container with psyllium husk was left inside the kitchen cabinet.

As I was searching the kitchen cabinet the other day, I found the psyllium husk, which was left there some time ago. I looked for the expiry date on the packet but couldn’t locate it. If the product has already expired, I would just throw it away. But on second thought, instead of wasting it maybe I can try to drink it. So, I made myself a cup of drink by mixing 1 mug of plain water with 1 tbsp of psyllium husk….and I tell you it took me so long to finish up that mug of thick and slimy drink. I just can’t bring myself to gulp down the drink. Once the psyllium seeds are exposed to water it absorbs the water, swells, and forms a slippery layer. It’s also tasteless and odorless. Maybe, I should mix it with fruit juice the next time.

Psyllium husk is rich in soluble fiber and well known for helping to relieve symptoms related to constipation. As Psyllium absorbs water it becomes like a sponge that has the ability to absorb toxic substances off the wall of our colon. Thus, it also acts as an excellent cleanser for our colon.

Despite the awful taste which I experienced the other day, I'm going to bear with it and continue taking psyllium husk for the above and other health benefits.


JO-N said...

Never tasted it before. Ya, try with fruit juice and compare the taste.

Health Freak Mommy said...

I eat 1 tbs of psyllium husk every day. I put it into my apple cider vinegar or milo & milk or with lemon juice. Very good for beating constipation and detoxifies our body.

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