Monday, July 21, 2008

Time Flies.....

Sharlene is 3 years and 9 months old today and in another 3 months time she will be 4 years old. Time really flies....from the day she was conceived to the day she was in my arms a few seconds after she was delivered, to the day she took her first step and to the day she went to pre-school. I just can’t believe my eyes that my little girl is turning 4 years old very soon.

Here I wish to jot down some of her recent likes and dislikes, her most up-to-date development and behaviour before it slip away from my memory...

She likes -
· to drink plain water, barley without sugar, nutritious soup, prune juice with honey, fruit juice, vitagen, yakult, cod liver oil, yoghurts, etc
· and crazy over cheese, butter, peanut butter, all sort of nuts, chocolates, seaweed, ice-cream, honey stars and junk food (I’ve to keep all these out of her sight)
· to eat oats, noodles, chicken drumstick, eggs, cucumber, etc
· fruits – banana, orange, apples, strawberry, kiwi, grapes, durian, rambutan, and many more.
· junk food (I hate to see her eating all those unhealthy food and will only pamper her with the junkies once in a while)
· books, her soft toys, cats and dogs, to go to the playground.

She dislikes -
· and hates medicines but has no problem in taking traditional chinese medicines….really can’t understand why she prefers bitter to sweet taste.
· taking afternoon nap. FYI, she has stopped napping from 18 months onwards
· waking up early to go to school
· to put any hair clips, hair bands or even to tie her hair. That’s why she has to keep her hair short.

Some of her recent development and behaviour that I could think of at this moment…
· no more wearing diapers at night. She will wake up in the middle of the night if she needs to wee wee.
· Takes her own meal from time to time
· Able to use chopsticks although not very good at it
· Able to recite numbers from 1-40 (in English), 1-10 (in Malay) and 1-10 (in Mandarin). Daddy is trying very hard to get her to count in Hakka dialect but so far, no progress.
· Can read out some of her story-books (I think more of memorizing it than recognizing the words).
· Able to move the cursor and click on the computer mouse.
· Likes to do things on her own and feels very proud after completion of a task
· Wants to be number 1 in everything, refuses to be the loser.
· Very stubborn and refuses to listen to instructions most of the time.
· Extremely strong-minded and persistent in getting the things she wants.
· Cry and whine over a trivial issue.

Despite her character and behaviors that can sometimes drive me up the wall and flare up my temper all the time, I love her unconditionally and feel very happy and proud of her whenever she reaches a slight achievement.

Reminder to myself: Try not to emphasize too much on her not-so-good character and behaviors, as well as not to expect too much from her. Enjoy her childhood, appreciate and LOVE her everyday!

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Contentedmom said...

hihi..sharlene is the age as my girl, nicole...then we will have a lot in commom to share

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