Tuesday, July 01, 2008

One Day Five Meals

No, I'm not having 5 meals in a day. I'm actually referring to the Astro programme -'One Day Five Meals' showing on Sunday night at 9.00pm. Every Sunday nights, the folks in my house would sit in front of the TV at 9.00pm sharp to watch the show on channel 311. If the kids are watching cartoon shows at that time, they will be told to switch the channel to 311. That's how crazy and addicted they get over this food programme. But so far, we have not visited any of the restaurants or eatery outlets featured in the programme.

After watching the programme on one of the Sundays, my SIL, who loves to try out new food, suggested to go to '1 Stop Cafe' for dinner on Saturday night. This cafe was featured on channel 311 on 15 June 2008. This cafe is located in Ipoh Road. We went last Saturday and based on the location map which was printed in Astro website, our drivers (hubby and BIL) found the place easily.

Here's the map...

This restaurant serves both local and western food, different combination of fresh fruit juices, smoothies, desserts and many more. We ordered 3 types of noodles, western food for the kids and some of the following items shown here....

'Lobak' or spiced meat roll

Tortillas stuffed with fried eggs, minced chicken meat and vege

Sandwich Roll which really looks like sushi. When this plate of sandwich was served on the table, my BIL thought it was sushi. Seaweed sheet and white bread rolled with tuna, eggs, carrot and zucchini sticks.

And lastly, Pumpkin Pie which resembles mini pumpkins. I find this dessert is not very sweet but a bit too oily.

We loved the food there and will definitely visit the place again for more of their other food. And the price is also very reasonable.

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