Monday, June 30, 2008

Make Good Use Of Potty Time

Even though Sharlene is turning 4 years old soon, she still sits on the potty to do her poo poo business everyday. She has 2 potties, 1 for downstairs and 1 in my room. She refuses to sit on the toilet seat despite me telling her to go to the bathroom every time she has the urge. However, from time to time she’s willing to sit on the toilet seat to wee wee only.

Sharlene was potty trained at a very young age. Since then I used to show her books and read to her when she was on the potty for her poopie business. This is also a good way to keep her longer in the potty. Although she is very playful, hyperactive and doesn’t quite like to go to school but she loves books. She can only sit still and be quiet for a moment when she’s looking at books. She cannot even sit quietly throughout any TV shows. She has acquired the habit of reading and writing whilst sitting on the potty. When she is too engross in her books, she will sit there for more than half an hour and I’ve to tell her to stop reading and get up before she complains of painful bum for sitting too long in the potty.

During weekends I spend a lot of my time with her and that includes potty time. I will make good use of that time to read to her, let her do some writing and math exercises.

Two days ago, I gave her a sticker activity book which she did the exercise (while sitting on her potty) by choosing the relevant stickers and sticking it on the correct space provided in the book. I guided her by pointing the words to her after she'd placed the stickers on it.

She had so much fun playing with the colourful stickers and looking at the attractive pictures. She even asked me for more sticker books.

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JO-N said...

Hahaha, adults are doing that too but you are right, don't waste time.

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