Friday, June 13, 2008

Lunch At Hilton Kuala Lumpur

This afternoon my bosses brought the office staff including myself to Hilton Hotel for lunch. We had dim sum and seafood noodles at the chinese restaurant called 'Chynna'. I was hoping and looking forward to go to other restaurants in the hotel but they brought us to the chinese restaurant again.

Both Hilton and Le Meridien Hotels are within walking distance from my office but my bosses prefer to go to Hilton instead. I noticed they fancy dim sum a lot as they like to order dim sum whenever we're out for office lunch. boring lah. I'm not really a dim sum fan but I love to eat 'loh mai kai' (steamed glutinous rice). I will not miss out this dish when I go for dim sum. I have been planning to try my hands on making 'loh mai kai' and even got my mum to buy 1 dozen of 'loh mai kai' bowls for me. And that seems so looooong ago. Looks like I really need to search for recipes to do it. Hopefully, I get to taste my own home-made 'loh mai kai' very soon.


JO-N said...

Too many of something would be bored, eh? No photos of the dim sum?

Fussy mum said...

If the bosses inform me earlier of the lunch, I would definitely bring along my camera to snap some of the food there...maybe next time ya.

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