Thursday, June 12, 2008

A Fish Bone Stucked In The Throat

No, its not me. This unfortunate incident happened to one of my office colleagues. She accidently swallowed a 'ikan kembong' fish bone. She had tried different ways to remove the trapped bone herself, including swallowing lumps of rice and bread, drinking apple cider vinegar, digging her throat with finger. But none of those methods could wash down the bone. She finally went to see a doctor after experiencing some pain and discomfort. As the doc couldn't see the bone and has no appropriate tools to remove the bone, he advised my colleagues to go to an E.N.T. The doc also said that the bone will dissolves by itself.

Well, the bone has been in her throat for almost 2 weeks now and I really hope it can dissolves by itself eventually. In the meantime, hope she will not develop throat infection or any other related problems because of the stubborn little bone.

Having a bone in the throat can really cause pain and discomfort and sometimes may lead to infection. We have fish dishes at home very often and Sharlene likes to eat fish especially fried fish. I should really ask her nanny to be extra careful and remove the bones before giving her the fish. So, everyone please eat your fish slowly and watch out for the bones.

1 comment:

JO-N said...

Oh dear, two weeks is no joke. It must have really hurt.

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