Saturday, June 07, 2008

Frightening Moment

It was so scary when I thought I've lost Sharlene in the supermarket today. This afternoon, hubby and I brought Sharlene together with her nanny to The Store which is just nearby our house to get her a new water tumbler for school. Upon reaching there we went into the supermarket to purchase some groceries. I left 3 of them shortly to look for peanut butter and honey. As I was looking through the brands of honey and comparing the prices on the shelf, hubby came over and we were discussing as to which brand of honey to get. I asked him where is Sharlene and he said she's with her nanny. While talking with hubby, I saw Sharlene's nanny walking alone towards our direction. I was shocked to see her alone and immediately asked her where is Sharlene? She said she's with her daddy. Hubby standing beside me answered "no, she's following you". Obviously, there must be some miscommunication between the 2 of them. At that moment, 3 of us were panicky and feared for the worst. We looked around the place hurriedly and before we went our separate ways to search for her we found her squatting at one of the lanes. We were glad that we found her so fast and nothing dreadful has happened to her. Conversely, she didn't show any signs of anxiety or fear. I think she must be busy browsing the goodies in the supermarket and didn't realized that we're not by her side.

Later, hubby confessed to me that it was actually his fault because he left Sharlene with her nanny without informing her. How can he be so absent minded and careless. This has never happened before and I hope he will be more careful and alert the next time so that the same mistake will not repeat again.


suesue said...

Wow this is dangerous. Luckily you found her fast.Make sure to be extra careful next time.

Health Freak Mommy said...

I prefer to put my gals in the supermarket trolley when we shop for groceries. Safer this way coz kids being kids, they will just wander off without us realizing it.

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