Thursday, June 05, 2008

Sipping A Cup Of Flower Tea

Is flower tea or 'far char' (known in cantonese) good for health? Should we drink it to improve our health? Some say good but I have not tried it myself even though the flower tea has been around for quite some time.

Last Saturday, my sil and I went to the market for our usual weekly marketing. As I was busy looking around, hunting and buying the usual stuff in the market, I didn't noticed that my sil had stopped at a stall and talked to the vendor selling flower teas. I don't remember seeing this stall before, maybe it was his first time in the market. Anyway, my sil bought a few types of flower teas from him at RM10 per pack. Some of the teas are reddish dried flowers and some look like tiny dried flower buds. I even saw a piece of paper listing the health benefits and effectiveness of each type of flower teas. I'm quite skeptical about the advantages and usefulness of drinking flower teas. I think a person has to consume the tea everyday for a period of time before he or she can realize the benefits and goodness of it. Besides the health benefits, the tea tastes rather mild and soothing and it releases a pleasant flora aroma.

The method of preparation is also very simple, just pour hot water and soak the tea leaves for a few minutes before drinking. The tea can be mixed with some lemon slices or honey. Sugar can be added as well but the vendor recommended stevia leaf as a natural sugar substitute, particularly for diabetics. Some say that the leaf can lower blood sugar levels. Hopefully, flower tea can in fact help those with health problems. Maybe, I should start drinking the tea more often now.

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