Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Delicious Porridge

We had porridge for lunch a few Saturdays ago. This bowl of porridge here looks very plain and dull but I tell you it tastes very delicious and smooth. The main ingredient for the porridge is salted chicken and nothing else, maybe some salt only.

On our way back from Penang 3 weeks ago, we stopped over at Bercham, Ipoh for lunch and there we saw a shop selling salted chicken. If I am not mistaken, Ipoh is rather well-known for its salted baked chicken. At first my SIL bought only 2 boxes (1 box consist of 1 whole 'kampung' chicken) and its very cheap, only RM16 per box. Here in K.L is selling at above RM20. We tasted the chicken on the terrible eating with our fingers. It was finger licking good as the chicken was SOoooo tasty, tender and juicy. Not too salty and it has a nice aroma of 'dong quai' (chinese angelica), a type of chinese herbs which they put about 4-5 slices of it into the chicken cavity. My food enthusiast SIL bought another 6 boxes before we left the place. You must be wondering what are we going to do with so many boxes of chicken. Well, we distributed a few to neighbours and friends and the balance kept in the freezer for own consumption, of course.

We still have 1 box left in the freezer and here's the picture of the plastic bag with the name of the shop and its address. I didn' take pictures of the chicken as it was wrapped up in paper and the box is full of ice bits. What do you think I should do with this last chicken I have in my freezer?? I thought of steaming it for dinner this week.....err still considering or maybe, another round of porridge this weekend!

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allthingspurple said...

Hi Fussymom, thanks for visiting earlier. Salted chicken with porridge taste very good one lar. we do that all the time. Same goes to roasted porkrib. We get a whole pig every chinese new year and keep them in the fridge and use some of them to cook with porridge

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