Saturday, June 28, 2008

So Frustrating!

After coming home from dinner just now, I prepared Sharlene for bedtime, brushed her teeth, washed her bum, put her on the pyjamas and read her a story book. After she has gone to bed, I flipped through the newspapers. And although I was very tired after reading the papers, I sat in front of the computer trying to write a post in my blog but I was so frustrated by the slow connection of streamyx. I really do not know what was causing the slow connection to most websites the whole of today. This morning the computer got 'hang' a few times when I tried to open some kids' websites for Sharlene and her piao cheh. I switched off and on again the computer several times. Really frustrating! And I hope it will not happen again tomorrow. I'm keeping my fingers cross here.

Okay, got to jump to bed now as I need to wake up early tomorrow morning to exercise.

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