Tuesday, June 03, 2008

I Want To Win, I Don't Want To Lose!

Sharlene has a very strong character and she cannot accept to be a loser most of the time when she plays with her 'piau-cheh' (cousin sister). She wants to be the winner and refuses to be the loser and she will rant and rave if piau-cheh is the winner and she's the loser. That's how difficult and unreasonable she can be!

Last week after I came home from work one evening, the 2 gals requested me to bring them out for a walk. I agreed to bring them out as they were cooped up in the house for the whole day and looked really eager to get out from there. As it was almost 7pm, I told them to just play nearby the house for a short while. Both of them happily went outside to play with me standing close by to watch over them. After 10 -15 minutes of playing, I told them to get in as the sky was getting dark. Shortly after that, they walked in slowly and out of a sudden my niece said to Sharlene, "Let see who can ran in faster" and she rushed back to the house first leaving Sharlene and myself behind. When both of us stepped into the house, my niece said "Yay, yay, I win and you lose". As I expected, Sharlene was frustrated and angry because she wasn't the winner who got into the house first. She cried and wailed non stop and told her piau-cheh "I win, you lose". This episode went on for about 15 minutes. She finally stopped crying and screaming after I told her "Sharlene cannot be the winner all the time. Sometimes, you will lose and it's alright to lose as you can always win again the next time". I was upset and angry to see my girl behaving so unruly. Actually at that moment, I wasn't sure if she understands what I was trying to tell her. But she did stopped crying and even said to me "piao-cheh win and Sharlene lose". She seemed to forget about the entire incident and continued playing with her piao-cheh again.

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