Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Hair Cut Day

Last Sunday, Sharlene had a hair cut just before the school re-opens on Monday. I used to cut her hair or just trim her fringe when she was younger but now I will just bring her to the hair saloon, pay RM7 to get it done. If I cut for her, it will be horrible. So, its better to get a professional to do it.

I love looking at little girls with long hair, they look so pretty and sweet with their beautiful hair bands and fanciful hair clips. Sharlene has very black, thick and straight hair. I'm sure she will look pretty if she has long hair too but our weather here is just too hot. She sweats a lot especially in hot and humid places and she'll get rashes all over her body and neck. What's more, she doesn't like to have her hair tied up or clipped with nice hair clips. She has some nice and cute hair clips but whenever I put it on for her, she will quickly pull it down. *kek sei ngor*. I noticed that whenever she bends forward to read or write, both sides of her hair will drop in front, touching and covering her face. Sometimes, a few strands of her hair even went into her eyes. Hence, she needs to trim her hair every time it gets long.

She's in the saloon waiting for her turn.

Getting ready and before she closes her eyes.

Getting bored and can't wait to get down.

Okay, almost done! How do you like my new hair style??

1 comment:

Health Freak Mommy said...

Sharlene was so happy. I bet she enjoyed the hair cut eh?

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