Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Steamed Savoury Glutinous Rice

As mentioned in my earlier post, I intend to make 'Loh Mai Kai' (steamed savoury glutinous rice)...... and I finally did it during the weekend. I took out my recipes file, searched for a recipe on 'Loh Mai Kai' and found one that was quite simple to do. There are a few version of 'LMK' recipes in my collection. I like to follow recipes that are easy and straightforward. Too lazy to read those lenghty and complicated ones. I modified the ingredients and used - 2 deboned chicken thighs, chinese mushrooms and chinese sausages (lap cheong). I wanted to put 'char siew' too but it wasn't available in the wet market. I followed the method thoroughly, arranged the ingredients neatly in the bowl and filled it up with the glutinous rice. As we intend to have the 'LMK' for breakfast on Sunday morning, I kept it in the fridge after steaming.

The above pic was taken during breakfast on Sunday morning. We had homemade yummy 'LMK' with sweet dessert cooked by Sharlene's nanny.

This's the bowl of 'tong-sui' I had for breakfast. The main ingredients are pear, honey dates, dried longan and white fungus.


Guardian Star said...

mmmmm....yummy yummy!!! where's my share, lao jie? hehe..

HN said...

Your Glutinous rice looks very professionally made! Yummy :)


Im on a diet and of all posts, I go look for your homemade dishes ... drooling now.

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