Monday, June 16, 2008

Steamboat Dinner

Instead of going out for dinner on Father's Day during the weekend, we had steamboat at the comfort of our own house on Saturday night. I find steamboat is the easiest to prepare and very healthy too, just have to get the food and dump everything into a big pot of soup. Very simple and no hassle but the maid will have lots of washing to do after that. SIL and I went to the market early in the morning to buy foodstuff for the steamboat and later we went again to Carrefour to get some more ingredients.

Here are some of the seafood we got from Carrefour supermarket - the price is reasonable and most importantly, the seafood is fresh too. Sharlene and I love those quail eggs but I bought a few of it (only 15 eggs) as they are very high in cholesterol.

We added a side table to put other steamboat ingredients. The table was full of 4-5 types of vegetables, soft beancurd, egg tofu, enoki and button mushrooms, assorted fishballs, frozen shrimp wanton, brown sotong, noodles and etc. We had so much food until we left out one of the vegetables at the end of the dinner. Despite the abundance of food we prepared, we managed to finish quite a lot of it.

The BIG pot of soup here - before all the ingredients were thrown in. We put in 1 whole chicken, 'wong nga pak' (chinese cabbage), turnip and soybeans to boil the soup for a couple of hours. The soup taste real good and even better after everything were added in! It was such a satisfying dinner.


Oliveoylz said...

Visiting your blog for the very first time...

That sure looks like plenty of food! Looking at those quail eggs makes me yearn for them. I used to eat 10 at one go, when I was little ;p

Health Freak Mommy said...

Wah, your steamboat looks good. I love steamboat too.

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