Thursday, November 12, 2009

She Wants To Look Pretty Now

Yes, she’s into this stage now and really likes to put on hairclips and hair band everyday, without fail :D She would stand in front of the mirror, comb her hair, put on her fanciful hair accessories which majority of it belong to her piao cheh and smile at her own creation after that. Her nanny said nowadays she would do this routine everyday before she goes to school! So vain hor?? But I think its okay lah...after all she’s a girl, right? ;P

At one time she disliked all these hair accessories and refused to let me put on for her but she's so different these days.

See, she even wants to look pretty in her pyjamas and right before her bedtime. *shake head*

A closer look at her creation. I will surely freak out if she wants to go out like this.

Side view

Friday, November 06, 2009

Experience with Water Colour

Sharlene had her first experience with water colour about 2 months ago. Bought her the necessary stuff i.e. a box of watercolour, an art block and a palette to get our project started. I found some old paint brushes at home, so she just used that to paint.

We have done quite a few paintings together for the past few weekends and here are some of them:

Straw painting, which was pretty easy for kids. Just get them to aim the straw at the paint and blow! However, Sharlene still needs my assistance from time to time and usually when she’s out of breath. Hmm...not that simple after all.

I gave her the idea and with my help she completed this under the sea theme. The little fishes were done via finger painting. But it doesn't look quite like fish though.

And here's her creation of an orange tree with some black birds on top of it.

Monday, November 02, 2009

Cooling Cucumber

Sharlene loves to eat fresh cucumber. Give her a plate of sliced cucumber, she would happily munch down all of them. But recently, she has found a new way of eating her cucumber. That is to add some salad dressing on top of it. Ever since she saw us dipping our vegetables on thousand island dressing, she has been requesting for this sauce to be added on her cucumber.

She's no longer interested in this plate of 'bland' sliced cucumber.

Now she likes it this way i.e. drizzle with lots and lots of thousand island dressing.

Enjoying her cooling cucumber
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