Saturday, September 26, 2009

Hari Raya Holidays (Part 1)

The week long holidays for us are coming to an end soon. Sharlene will be back to school and I will be back to work again next Monday. I think after this festival holiday, we won’t be having such a lengthy break again this year. So, where we went this time around? Hmmm, no where in particular, just took this opportunity to visit my parents again :)

We travelled back to my hometown last Sunday, leaving the house as early as 6.45am. Driving from KL to JB was a breeze...guess we made the right choice by travelling on the first day of Hari Raya. Sharlene slept through almost the entire journey there. I did wake her up earlier but she dozed off to la la land again when she’s in the car. Good for me as I got to rest too.

Sharlene was very well rested when she reached por por’s house. We then went out for an early lunch together with my parents, sis and aunty. Here’s Sharlene enjoying her chicken rice.

My aunt’s simple home-cooked food which we had for dinner on the same day. Fried fish in soya sauce, stir fried kai lan with fishcake, seaweed soup and yong tau foo, which were simply delicious!

The next day, we were out shopping the whole day. Sharlene enjoying her dose of computer games while waiting for us to get ready.

We reached Jusco Tebrau City at about noon time. After a brief walk at the mall, we decided to go for Japanese food at Kinsahi Restaurant. Here's what we had:

Udon for hubby

My set of udon that comes with a variety of sushi

Udon and sushi set for my mum ; and

My sis's Tom Yam Ramen

Once again, thanks sis for the fabulous lunch! :D

~ to be continued ~

Friday, September 18, 2009

Food From Bazaar Ramadan

~ Backdated post ~

We have been patronizing the bazaar Ramadan nearby our house for the past few weekends. We were already there to survey the stalls on the first weekend of Ramadan. Didn’t get much stuff on that day, only some malay kuih, roti john, murtabak, etc for tea time.

Murtabak which was so so only.

A mixture of malay kuih. All were delicious, not too sweet. And my favourite is seri muka!!

A few more types of kuih

My niece ordered this, it's called roti john and she didn't even finish half of it.

We did the same thing again last weekend. Aunty YK wasn’t at home and both SIL and I were too lazy to cook. So, we declared kitchen close and went to tapau some food from the bazaar for dinner. We had nasi lemak kukus last Saturday and on Sunday, we tapau-ed nasi briyani .

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Colourful Lanterns

A few weeks ago, SIL bought lanterns for the gals at Jaya Jusco. They chose the one they like and here’s their pick...

Battery-operated plastic lanterns that come with music and colourful blinking lights. Nice, eh? :)

They happily came home with their lanterns and thereafter, they were seen playing and lugging their toys around the house the whole night.

This ‘fish’ lantern belongs to Sharlene. It can even 'swim' once you place it on the floor!

Low grade batteries were included. They only played with it for about one or two days and the batteries already gone flat. So for the time being, the 2 colourful lanterns are lying somewhere in the house waiting for the arrival of Mid Autumn Festival, which is just around the corner. The gals are looking forward to carry their ‘beetle’ and ‘fish’ around the neighbourhood again. Looks like I need to get them some new batteries soon.

Monday, September 14, 2009

She Picked Her Own Dress!

She has her own preference when it comes to clothes now. I used to dictate what she wears when she’s about 2 – 3 years old. But not anymore now as she will be the one who tells me what she wants to wear! Most of the time, my choice will get rejected. So nowadays I will just ask her to get her own attire from her closet. She fancies dresses especially those few that were ‘hand-me-down’. Even at home, she prefers dresses to T-shirt and short pants.

One day she went shopping with sil and while Jasmine was trying on a dress, she also went to pick one for herself *shake head* Sil said she likes the dress very much, so she bought it for her.

Here’s Sharlene donning her new dress

How do I look in my new dress?

As you can see, she's monkeying around and she even had her socks and shoes on! That’s a pair of new shoes which was a tad oversized for her.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

"Come And Catch Me If You Can"

- This is a backdated post - It has been a while since the last time I brought Sharlene to the park. At one time, we used to go every evening, that’s the first thing both of us do when I reach home from work.

Lately or rather for the past few weeks, we have been avoiding the wet and soggy park. I notice the weather is slightly better these few days, at least no heavy rain in my area. So we may start frequenting the park again :) but provided I reach home before 7pm on working days.

*** On one of our usual visits to the park ***
Since it's weekend, Jasmine tagged along with us. Jasmine and Sharlene were going up and down the see-saw. And I was on the other end, trying my best to capture their sweetest moments. Too bad, Jasmine was almost blocked by Sharlene.

Sharlene met one of her classmates there, a Malay boy who stays nearby. Both of them were having so much fun chasing and running around the park. Kids just love playing and running around the playground, don’t they? The following pix will show how much enjoyment they had on that evening.

It’s such a joy to see my girl enjoying herself.

The little boy enjoyed chasing Sharlene whilst Sharlene enjoyed being chased by him. I tell you, these 2 kids really have abundance of energy.

"Come and catch me if you can"

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

A Few Of Sharlene's Colouring Worksheets

My girl loves to colour. She can produce very nice and neat pieces but when she’s lazy or simply not in a right mood to colour, the end result would be disastrous. Sometimes, she will even abandon her work halfway. But I always insist she finishes her incomplete work later. So, sometimes her colouring work (those that are more complex) takes a few days to complete.

This piece of colouring was done during the mid term school holiday in March. Uneven colouring and her strokes are all over the place...haha.

This one she took a few days to finish.

Here’s a better looking piece of work, which she did in school about 2 months ago.

Malaysia flag – this was done in school last month.

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Writing Her Chinese Name

Sharlene was taught how to write her Chinese name early this year. It wasn’t easy at first but after practising for sometime, she finally knows how to write her own Chinese name. I was proud of her! From then on, she’s able to write it down independently whenever we ask her to.

After awhile I was quite assured that she knows her Chinese name well. Hence, I have cease getting her to practise.

The other day (during the last school holidays), when I asked her to write the characters for me, she gave me a blank stare. Ooppss...I knew she must have forgotten some of the strokes. True enough, she needed my assistance in order to complete the strokes below.

Time to practise again, Sharlene! :)

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

What We Have Been Up To Over The Weekend

It was a long and boring weekend for us as we were stuck at home. SIL and family went to a relative house at Batu Pahat last Friday and they stayed there for 2 days. Poor Sharlene, she has no companion to play with for 2 full days. In the absence of her piao cheh, I became her playmate for the whole of Saturday. We read, did some colouring worksheets, played computer games, and in between all these she also got scolding from me for misbehaving. Time passed by really fast on that day, it’s bedtime again before we knew it!

On Sunday, we were out to Capitol Hotel for buffet lunch in conjunction with hubby’s cousin son’s 8th birthday celebration. The hotel served quite a good spread of food and there were many choices of desserts too. No photos of the food though as I was too busy gorging on them and entertaining my lil’ missy :P She kept running to the food counters and what attracted her the most were desserts like ice-creams and cakes. Whilst we were still at the hotel, SIL and family were travelling back from Batu Pahat and they managed to drop by before the function ended. Before heading home, we walked across to Sg. Wang for window-shopping but we didn’t stayed there for long, just want to jalan-jalan since we have not been there for ages. Moreover, the place was really jam-packed with shoppers. Back home, we had hawker’s food for dinner.

We again have nowhere to go on Monday. So we just ‘lepak’ at home. I wasn’t feeling too good on the later part of the day. I had a bloating feeling, gassy stomach and felt like vomiting. After a few rounds to the bathroom, I finally vomited. It was such a relief but the feeling didn’t last long as later, I had pain in the upper stomach again. Haih, I really hated that awful feeling. So off I went to the clinic. Doctor said it was a case of indigestion, gave me some medicines and a mc for the next day. Guess, I ate too much at the hotel the day before and also the spicy hawker’ food which I took at night.

Although I’m back to work today, I have yet to fully regain my appetite. I can’t even finish a bowl of fish ball noodles for lunch this afternoon and I only took about 2 tablespoonful of rice and some vege for dinner :(

I haven't been frequenting and leaving comments on your blogs these few days. As I'm feeling better today, I’m going to start blog hopping again :D

Some photos taken on Sunday....
Sharlene kept talking and disturbing her piao cheh. Jasmine just arrived from Batu Pahat and was about to indulge in her lamb chop but poor gal, she can't even eat in peace...haha.

Mummy, this jelly is no good. I don't eat ok.

This photo was taken in the toys department of Parkson @ Sg. Wang. Sharlene was deeply attached to the mini cat plush toy. So, we ended up buying it for her.
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