Thursday, September 10, 2009

"Come And Catch Me If You Can"

- This is a backdated post - It has been a while since the last time I brought Sharlene to the park. At one time, we used to go every evening, that’s the first thing both of us do when I reach home from work.

Lately or rather for the past few weeks, we have been avoiding the wet and soggy park. I notice the weather is slightly better these few days, at least no heavy rain in my area. So we may start frequenting the park again :) but provided I reach home before 7pm on working days.

*** On one of our usual visits to the park ***
Since it's weekend, Jasmine tagged along with us. Jasmine and Sharlene were going up and down the see-saw. And I was on the other end, trying my best to capture their sweetest moments. Too bad, Jasmine was almost blocked by Sharlene.

Sharlene met one of her classmates there, a Malay boy who stays nearby. Both of them were having so much fun chasing and running around the park. Kids just love playing and running around the playground, don’t they? The following pix will show how much enjoyment they had on that evening.

It’s such a joy to see my girl enjoying herself.

The little boy enjoyed chasing Sharlene whilst Sharlene enjoyed being chased by him. I tell you, these 2 kids really have abundance of energy.

"Come and catch me if you can"


Merryn said...

yeah, children just LOVE to be at the park.. and we? we are happy to be there too rite? :)

Mummy Gwen said...

Sharlene had so much fun there. Gwen loves being chased too..hehe. Great photos.

wenn said...

I used to take my kids to the time..

Mummy Moon said...

She enjoy so much at the park!

slavemom said...

That's really good exercise for them. The playgrd looks nice n well-maintained. Too bad the one at my taman is not -- got a lot of insects n the equipments r mostly broken. :(

Irene said...

so shiok. mciam bollywood, kuch kuch hotta hei... wakaakkakakak!

Dora said...

yeah let kids have more outdoor activities, they'll be healthier & happier!

Sharlene looks having lotsa fun in the park with her buddies.

LittleLamb said... active. i will be really tired man..

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