Thursday, June 26, 2008

Sharlene Loves Noodles

Sharlene loves to eat noodles and most of the time she can finish the bowl of noodles that is given to her. She and her 2 cousins like noodles very much especially instant noodles which are not nutritious at all. They will finish up everything including the soup that is full of salt and ajinomoto...and that's most horrible! If Sharlene wants to eat instant noodles, I'll tell her nanny to either give her the noodles without the soup or cook it with homemade chicken/vegetables soup. I noticed most families have stock of instant noodles in their home. And my house is no exception as we always have stock of different types of instant noodles.

Last Sunday, we went to Tesco, Kota Damansara for shopping. After shopping and the kids had fun at the indoor playground, we'd lunch at one of the restaurants in Tesco. Guess what Sharlene had for lunch on that day? Its noodles again. I ordered a plate of cantonese fried meehoon and a glass of hot barley. The serving for the noodles was quite big. So, instead of ordering something else for Sharlene, I shared the big plate of noodles with her.

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