Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day Cards By Sharlene

This Father's Day card was presented by Sharlene to daddy early this morning. With my assistance, Sharlene completed this card yesterday evening before daddy reaches home. I kept the card and only gave it to her this morning when she wakes up. She wished daddy Happy Father's Day and handed this lovely card to him. Daddy was overjoyed to receive the best gift ever from his darling girl.

Actually, I didn't helped her much...I just cut the big heart shape and she did the glueing and pasting the piece of 'heart' shape onto the front page of the card herself. Then, I spelt the words for her and she slowly and carefully wrote it down with a black magic ink pen. I was so afraid she will simply scribbles and mess up the card. But I think she did quite well except for the small letter 'a' which looks like number '9'.

Here's the inside of the card which I told her to write 'Sharlene loves daddy'. She confidently wrote her own name and the rest of the words were spelt by me. I have taught her to spell and write her own name sometime ago. She is quite a fast learner and it only takes her a few days to master spelling and writing her own name. I hope she can write neater and in a straight line the next time. She definitely needs to practise her writing more often.

And this purple looking card was done by her in the pre-school. Daddy must be elated and proud to receive these 2 lovely Father's Day cards from his dearest daughter.

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