Saturday, May 31, 2008

Penang Trip - Day 4

After checking out from the hotel we left Penang Island by taking the ferry ride. We followed the signboard to Ferry Terminal at Butterworth and upon reaching there we queued to get into the ferry which took us about 15 minutes. We went into the 1st section of the ferry, parked our cars there, switched off the car engine and got down from the car to enjoy the warm breezy journey. The ferry ride was short and it took about 15 minutes to reach the mainland.

The kids were excited about the ferry ride especially Sharlene who has never been on a ferry before. It was my first experience taking the ferry as well. During the ride we went up to the top deck of the ferry to view the scenery and took some photographs. And we spotted lots and lots of jelly fish in the sea too. It was really a great experience on board the Penang ferry for those of us who have not been on a ferry before.

During the 3 hours journey back home, Sharlene wasn't sleepy at all. She was very active in the car, she did her reading, counting 123, singing ABCs, happily singing nursery rhymes, writing and scribbling on her doodle board which I bought for her in Gurney Plaza and asked for food all the time. Instead of resting and napping in the car, we have to entertain and accede to her request.

She was eating oranges here, one of her favourite fruits and that's how happy and cheeky she looks when she gets to savour her most wanted food.


Health Freak Mommy said...

It looked like a real fun trip eh?

Fussy mum said...

oh yes, it was indeed a fun trip for everyone.

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