Sunday, May 04, 2008

Home Sweet Home

We came back this evening after spending 4 days at my parents' house. We really enjoyed ourselves and had fun during our stay there, especially Sharlene who has been playing, eating and drinking non stop. Besides that, she also received several presents from my brother and aunty. As usual, my mum bought so many things, even baked a butter cake and some muffins for us to bring home. Hubby had a tough time putting our bags and all the foodstuff into the car. He even told me (jokingly) the car is chock-full and I have to take a bus home.

Finally, I have unpacked all the things we brought back from JB and also organised Sharlene's school bag. She will be having her first test tomorrow. I told her about it but seriously, I don't think she knows what is a 'test' about. I just hope she is able to do it correctly. And I also hope she will be a good girl and will not caused any problem for hubby tomorrow morning. Lately, she has been rather lazy to go to school and even refused to wake up in the morning. Hubby and her nanny have a hard time coaxing and getting her ready for school almost every mornings.

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