Thursday, May 22, 2008

Oh Dear, She Peed On My Bed!

After Sharlene woke up in the middle of last night, she came up and slept on my bed. I had asked her to wee-wee first before coming to my bed but she said no wee-wee. When I woke up this morning I felt my pants were wet and my mattress was damp too. Oh dear, the girl has peed on my bed and my mattress was soaked with her pee. I quickly changed her pants and transferred her down to her own bed. Now I hope her pee will not leave any bad odour on my mattress as I have no time to wipe and spray the mattress with febreeze this morning.

I started to train her to go diaperless ever since she refused to wear diapers at night. Everyday she will take her last bottle of milk around 9pm, and goes to sleep by 9.30pm. Sometimes she will empty her bladder first before going to bed. Around 11pm, I will bring her potty next to her and wake her up to pee. At first, it was tough because each time I wake her up she will be cranky and crying. I feel really bad to disturb her sleeping but if I don't do that she will definitely wet her pants. If she empties her bladder around 11pm, she will be able to stay dry until the next morning most of the time. She was able to stay dry for the past 2 weeks. But accidents are common and can happen every now and then, just like this morning when she can't control her bladder and peed on my bed. She is already off diapers now and hopefully she can be trained to wake up on her own to pee at night soon. I know I can't rush her into this but I will be more patient and give her more love, support and praises.

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Health Freak Mommy said...

You can put plastic sheets beneath your bedsheet so even if she pees on your bed, the urine will not seep into the mattress.

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