Thursday, May 15, 2008

Best Of Friends

This sweet-looking girl next to Sharlene is Jasmine. Both of them are the best of cousins as well as best of friends. As my sil stays next door, this 2 gals get to see each other, play and practically do everything together everyday. Look, they even wear the same pyjamas. These 2 pyjamas were bought by Sharlene's nanny in Singapore. Her nanny will always get them new clothes and pyjamas everytime she visits Singapore. The 2 gals were so excited to see new pyjamas again. When Jasmine saw the pyjamas she put it on right away. And when Sharlene saw what her 'piau-cheh' (cousin sister) does, she also wants to follow and put the pyjamas on as well. This girl of mine likes to follow and mimic what her 'piau-cheh' does. The things her 'piau-cheh' has, she must have it too. If she can't get the things she wants, she will cry and scream until she gets it. So to prevent and avoid all these from happening, we will always buy 2 of the same thing and they will be happy...just liked the pix shown above..:)

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