Saturday, May 10, 2008

High Fever With Rashes

Sharlene has been down with fever since Tuesday. We brought her to the paed 2 days later (Thursday) when the fever failed to subside and she vomited after taking her milk on Thursday morning. The paed prescribed antibiotics (Augmentin) of which she has to take for 5 days. If after the 3rd day she still has her fever, then she has to go back for a blood test. While I was checking her temperature yesterday evening, I saw some rashes which looked like tiny red spots on her body, buttocks and legs. I was terrified when I saw all the spots appeared on her body and began to think whether she's having measles, chicken pox, dengue or only a heat rash. And worse of all her fever was as high as 39.8 degrees C. She is also complaining of leg ache. I was so so worried about her.

Hubby and I quickly brought her to the paed again last night. After checking her conditions, the paed advised us to have a blood test done to rule out the possibility of dengue fever. She said dengue fever begins with a sudden high fever. A red rash may appear over most of the body early during the fever. Other symptoms include vomiting, joint aches, muscles aches, etc. Since Sharlene is having the symptoms of dengue fever, a blood test is the only way to diagnose this condition. We agreed to have the test. I carried Sharlene very tightly in my arms while hubby and the nurse held her hand. She cried when the paed poked a needle on her hand and thank god, the test was done very swiftly by the paed. She told us Sharlene's blood samples will be sent to the lab now and the result will be known on the same night. She will call us or send a text messages as soon as she has the results. If the test confirms she has dengue, she has to be warded immediately for observation. My heart sunk after the paed told us that. My poor girl will definitely cry her lungs out if she has to be warded.

Hubby and I kept our handphones on and waited the whole night for the paed to call. Finally, a text message came from my handphone at around 12.45am. Both of us got up from the bed and rushed to take my handphone immediately. In our heart we prayed and hoped for good news. Then I opened up the message and we saw "Good news not dengue. It is a bacterial infection. Plt 324. Must complete abs." We were so happy and glad after seeing the message. What a relieve! I sent a thank you note to the paed and went to sleep with a peace of mind.

I hope the fever will go down and she'll be fine soon.

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