Monday, May 05, 2008

Fun With Puzzles

Sharlene loves playing with puzzles. When she was younger I used to buy all sorts of puzzles for her. And those days, she played with them everyday and most of the time she can work on the puzzles herself. Since most of the puzzles are too simple for her age now, I have kept it in the cupboard and will only take it out when she requests for it occasionally.

Last week, she asked for her foam puzzles. This foam puzzles was a gift from my aunty. There are altogether 10 pieces of colourful fishes puzzles. She called it 'fish puzzles'.

First of all, she will fix the 10 pieces of puzzles and then join them in a straight line. Next, she will hop and jump on it. When she gets tired of jumping alone, she will ask me to jump and run with her. At times, she will even lie down on the puzzles with her pillow and bolster while drinking her milk. Maybe, she feels more comfortable lying down on her puzzles than her bed.

How nice to see her playing on her own without disturbing me. At least, I can have some rest time during the weekends.

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