Thursday, May 01, 2008

Our Journey To JB

We arrived at my parents' house today at about 11am. Thank god, there was no traffic congestion at all and we had a very smooth drive this morning with Sharlene sleeping almost all the way. When we were about to start our journey at 7 am Sharlene was still sleeping soundly, so instead of waking her up I whispered to her ear softly and said "darling, mummy gonna carry you, we are going to por-por house now". I thought of carrying her to the car so she can continue her beauty sleep but after I said that to her, she opened her eyes wide.

During the journey, she drank her milk and water. After resting for a while, she read her currently favourite Disney Storybook. I was looking the book together with her then out of a sudden, she complained her tummy pain-pain and wants to poo-poo. OMG, hubby cannot stop the car as there wasn't any stop area at that time, so I have no choice but to let her poo-poo in her potty. She sat in her potty and continued reading. Oh dear! her poo-poo smell soooooo unbearable! Hubby had to wind down the car window immediately! Later, we stopped by the rest area to discard the poo-poo. When we went back to the car to continue our journey and before hubby could start the car engine, Sharlene vomited and we have to clean her up and also the car seats. Luckily, I have a pack of wet wipes in the car and we used that to clean the mess.

I wonder what caused her to vomit. Maybe, she wasn't feeling too good at that time. She slept after that and all the way until we reach my parents' house. Everyone there were so happy to see us back. Sharlene had a great time just now indulging in all her favourite food - vitagen, chocolates, yoghurt and kiwi fruits which my brother brought from Australia. Hubby is sleeping now while my hyperactive gal is happily eating and watching DVD with my sister. I got to wake hubby up now cos' we have to get ready to go for dinner tonight.

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Health Freak Mommy said...

Try not to let her drink too much milk and water when she's travelling in the car. Even we adults would feel nauseous when we drink too much liquid in a vehicle that's moving in a long journey, esp milk.

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