Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Getting Ready

We are travelling back to JB early tomorrow morning. As usual, Sharlene's nanny is coming along with us. Good for me, as she will be there to entertain and handle my hyperactive toddler. Moreover, she knows my parents and my aunty. Tonight, I will have to take down 3 travelling bags from the cupboard and start packing my stuff. I hate packing the most. Although its a short trip, I still need to pack a lot of things especially with a toddler coming along with me - my personal stuff, Sharlene's clothing, milk powder, milk bottles, food, snacks, toys, books, potty and many, many more. 2 bags for Sharlene and 1 bag for daddy mummy. Luckily, hubby will always help me by packing his own belongings and transferring it to the car. This time, hubby is driving my old Honda Accord back because his 4WD is still in the workshop. Yesterday, I drove my 'old junk' to the mechanic for a thorough check and to change the car engine oil. I even asked the mechanic whether my 'old junk' is fit for long distance drive or not. And he replied, 'yes, of course can'. Let's hope we won't have any problem with this 'old junk' tomorrow.

Besides packing, I also need to buy something back for them.....not nice-lah go back empty-handed. Looks like, I have to drop by the supermarket later. Wow! loads of things to get ready tonight.

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