Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A Caring Attitude

Yesterday morning before going off to work, I took out a knife to cut my fruits and at the same time I was also busy talking to my sil in the kitchen. As I was washing the knife and talking, I accidentally cut my left thumb and felt a sharp pain instantly. This wasn't the first time I cut my fingers and since this time was just a slight cut, I continued with my chores and later went off to work.

I was having fun with Sharlene and hubby at the living room after we had our dinner last night. I was so tired after a long day in the office but she doesn't seems to get enough of it. So, in order to distract her I shown her my cut thumb and said:-

Me : "Sharlene, look at mummy's thumb. Mummy got cut here and its very painful." (just pretending.....hehe!)
Sharlene : "oh, mummy! you must put plaster here" (her finger pointing at my thumb)
Me : "Its okay dear, no need plaster"
Sharlene : "No, no... must put plaster" (her face looked so worried and upset)
Then hubby interrupted our conversation and brought Sharlene to the kitchen to get a plaster for me. *slap forehead*

Shortly, Sharlene came to me with a plaster...
Sharlene : "Come mummy, I put plaster for you"

Me : "O.k" and I shown her my thumb.

Hubby helped Sharlene to take out the adhesive on the plaster and she placed the plaster neatly on my wounded thumb. I felt so touched by the modest thoughtfulness of my little girl.

I noticed on several occasions Sharlene has shown her caring and loving attitudes towards the people around her. For instance, she will comfort her cousin sister when she is crying, run to get her a tissue and wipe her tears, hug and kiss her.

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