Thursday, April 03, 2008

Sharlene started pre-school

Sharlene started pre-school this year. She goes to a kindergarten nearby our house. I still remember how she reacted on her first day of school. Hubby and I brought her there. She refused to get down from the car and after we persuaded her, she relunctantly went inside the school. Then she started to cry and cling on to us like a koala bear. I told hubby that we just have to leave her with the teachers because our presence there will only make her wail even more. Finally, we left her with the teachers and went to pick her later. When the teacher opened the classroom door, she saw us standing outside the gate. She was smiling and running to us happily.

She is slowly adapting to the school life now. She is a very shy and timid girl since young and seldom mix with other kids. However, her class teacher said that she is totally different in the classroom. She is willing to participate and very helpful too. I think she just needs more time to get use to the school life.

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