Saturday, April 19, 2008

A Reading Corner for Sharlene

Sharlene reading at her favourite corner.

Hubby created this reading corner for Sharlene early this year. He bought this bookshelf from Ikea at a discounted price and fixed it himself. We put most of her books at the bottom 2 levels and a bean bag next to it and whenever Sharlene feels like reading, she will pick up the book she wants and sit on the bean bag to read. She goes to her reading corner almost everyday without being told. I love looking at her reading her books.

I started reading to Sharlene and showing picture books to her when she was a few months old. I still remember that she likes to bite her books very often and loves looking at pictures and flipping the pages. Now, she likes counting her numbers and reciting ABCs and is able to recognise A to Z (both capital and small letters). Sometimes she will ask me to read to her and both of us will sit on the bean bag together. I am really glad that she loves books and hope that her love for books will continue forever.

Hubby, you have certainly done a good job by creating a reading corner especially for Sharlene!

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