Monday, April 28, 2008

Cheeky Girl

Sharlene likes to play with the scarf which I used to cover my computer upstairs. Last week after I came home from office, I went to my room for a shower. When I came out from my room, I saw her playing with the scarf again and this time she was trying to wrap the scarf over her head. How silly! As she can't do it herself, she asked daddy for help. Of course, daddy will give in to her request and look at her cheeky smile after daddy tied the scarf for her. She looks like a malay girl with a 'tudung'.

And she said she looks like 'emak'. She learned the word 'emak' from her Bahasa Malaysia book. The book shows a picture of a malay lady wearing a 'tudung' and that the word 'emak' begins with the letter 'e'. She continued to say "e untuk emak". That's how kids learn while playing.

So, instead of scolding Sharlene for playing with the dusty scarf, mummy said 'Sharlene, you are so clever'.

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