Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Bad Habit

Lately Sharlene has this habit of picking her nose and she will do it very often in a day despite me telling her not to do it. Whenever she picks her nose, I will tell her to stop doing it or else she will have a big ugly nose. She will not listen and say, "got 'pei-si' inside my nose" and continue her business again. Sometimes, she will dig until her nose bleeds and then complain pain. That's how stubborn she is and will not listen to my advice most of the time. I really can't think of any method to stop her from repeating it other than telling her over and over again.

Last Sunday, Sharlene was sitting next to her cousin sister, she was looking at her playing the PS2. She was sitting there quietly and out of a sudden I saw her doing her 'digging nose' business again. What I cannot imagine is that she put her nose poop on her cousin sister's hair. OMG....it was so disgusting!! She continued her disgusting habit despite my niece screaming and me threatening her. Instead she gave me a cheeky smile. I was really furious at that time. I wonder why she always like to behave badly and act mischievously. I hope this bad habit of Sharlene will cease soon.

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