Monday, April 07, 2008

Not feeling too good

I am having blocked nose since yesterday evening and sneezed very badly today. I think I am going to fall sick soon as I can feel my body heatiness and even have slight runny nose now. I notice that once I do not have enough beauty sleep, I will fall sick easily. Achooo.... There I sneezed again.

I am definitely going to pop in a flu pill before I sleep tonight. I am also going to make some preserved lime ('kek chai') drink for tomorrow morning. Hopefully, I will get better tomorrow as I have lots of work to do in the office. I also wish to get well soon so that I can kiss my sweetie girl. She didn't get a goodnight kiss from me tonight as I was afraid to pass on the virus to her.

I am very frighten if Sharlene gets ill because she will refuse to take her medicine despite us coaxing her to take it and she will wail her lungs out everytime. Hubby and I will put on some silly acts just to coax her to drink her medicine. I had tried to put in the medicine in her milk but that doesn't work as well and she will end up not drinking the milk at all. And I have to discard the whole bottle of milk. What a waste!

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