Thursday, April 24, 2008

Mid-Year Assessment

Every night before Sharlene goes to bed, I will check her school bag to look at what she has learned in the day. I will also check her pencil case to make sure her stationery are all intact, no missing items. Sometimes she forgets to bring home 1 item, another day she will bring home 1 extra item. I think most kids have this tendency of lossing their belongings every now and then. Both my nephew and niece have lost numerous items during their kindi days as well. As a preventive measure, I have stocked up dozens of pencils and erasers.

Besides school books every student will have a message book. If there are notices for the parents, the class teacher will stick the notice onto the message book, which is an exercise book. Parents are required to sign at the space provided after they have seen it. As I was browsing through Sharlene's books just now, I saw a notice pasted on Sharlene's message book. Its an A4 sized paper and when I looked at it once again, I saw the heading 'Mid-Year Assessment Contents'. Its a timetable for the kindergarten mid-year test, starting from 5 May until 8 May. What's more, the notice contains list of topics/questions for each subjects.

To me, the topics/questions given for each subjects are a bit too tough for a 4-year old. Looks like I have to start coaching Sharlene tomorrow for the forthcoming test.

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