Sunday, April 27, 2008

Savoury Rice Bowl Kuih

I am so fed up of eating the same old food packed from the coffee shop nearby my house. We will either have 'nasi lemak', 'chu cheong fun', wantan noodles, or pau for breakfast every weekends. So for a change, I decided to make savoury rice bowl kuih or better known as "Put Chai Ko" in cantonese for Sunday breakfast. After I put Sharlene to bed last night, I started to make the "Put Chai Ko" at around 10pm. It was very easy as I just need to mix the flour and then steam the pudding until set.

Here's the recipe which I have modified:

400g rice flour
65g wheat starch (tang mein fun)
1.8 litres hot water

For the topping:-
Dried prawns, soaked and chopped
Preserved radish (choy poh), finely chopped
Chinese sausage (lap cheong), coarsely chopped and pre-fried
Garlic, minced
Red chilli
spring onion, chopped

1) Combine rice flour, wheat starch, salt & pepper in a bowl. Pour in the hot water and mix well.
2) Cook the mixture over the stove until slightly thick.
3) Spoon the batter into small bowls and steam until set.
4) For the topping, fry the minced garlic and dried prawns until fragrant. Add in choy poh and continue to fry for a while. Add pre-fried lap cheong and toss well to combine.

Before serving the kuih for breakfast this morning, I steamed it hot again and then transferred it to individual plate and garnished with red chilli and spring onion. And it taste even better with sambal too. Hmmmmm! yummy.

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