Tuesday, April 08, 2008

She got excited over a kitten

A few weeks ago I took Sharlene out for a walk outside the house. As we were walking I saw a small little kitten walking towards our gate. Sharlene who is very fond of small animals quickly ran towards the kitten direction and tried to catch it. I told her not to touch the kitten but she would not listen. Instead, she caught hold of the kitten and wanted to bring the kitten home. I told her that she is not to bring the kitten in the house. She held the kitten in her arms tightly and walked to the car porch despite me telling her to let go of the kitten. After carrying and talking to the kitten at the car porch, she finally decided to put her down. The poor kitten must be really terrified. After that, I quickly brought her into the washroom, washed her hands and feet and changed her clothing.

1 comment:

Guardian Star said...

OMG...she dare to carry the kitten..so cute & daring...

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