Sunday, April 20, 2008

Oh dear, She Is Constipated Again...

Sharlene is not having her bowel movement since Friday and today will be the 3rd day if she continues to have this problem. Hubby and I have been very busy today coaxing her to sit on her potty. But she just refused to listen no matter how we persuade her. Hubby even threatened her with the cane as he really ran out of ideas to have her sit on her potty. This is really frustrating and causing lots of stress on us and Sharlene as well. My poor girl, how I wish she doesn't have to endure all these.

Once she becomes constipated for 2 days, her stool will be extremely hard and difficult to pass out. Even though she has the urge of passing motion, she will begin to hold in her bowel movements to avoid pain in her anus. She is really frighten of this painful feeling and that's why she refused to sit on her potty.

If she is still having stomach discomfort and pain, I may need to use an enema to force out the backed-up stool. I hate to do this because Sharlene had a very bad experience last time after I inserted the enema on her.

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