Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Why She Likes To Go Poh-Poh's House?

When I asked Sharlene whether she likes going to Poh-poh's house....she nod her head and said yes! When I asked her further whether she wants to go there again....she said yes!. After browsing through the photos we took during our short trip there, I think she enjoys her stay at Poh-poh's house because .......

she doesn't have to go to bed early. We had an early celebration for Mother's Day and my mum's birthday. At about 10pm, she wasn't sleepy at all but was waiting anxiously for her slice of cake here.

she can show-off her skill of holding a chopsticks and was able to pick up a piece of taufu from the plate and put it directly into her mouth. Her skill is not bad-huh for a first-timer.

she can play and chit-chat with her favourite dog. I wonder the dog understands what she's saying.

she can have her all-time favourite drink, Vitagen. The moment she opened her eyes in the morning, she remembers the Vitagen in the fridge and wants to drink it. But I made her do some writing exercise first before drinking. She followed my instructions but the bottle of Vitagen must be in front of her. I must say it's a good way to make her do her work. hahaha!

she can go to restaurant and eat her most wanted food. Wah! she's trying very hard here to bite off the chicken drumstick.

1 comment:

Health Freak Mommy said...

My gals love to go to koong koong and poh poh's house too, for the similar reasons.
Wah, your girl is good with the chopsticks eh?

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