Thursday, May 29, 2008

Family Trip To Penang - Day 1

We went to Penang for holiday over the weekend. It was the first family trip for this year. We travelled in 2 cars, 10 of us. My sil's friend and family, 5 of them were travelling with us as well. So, altogether 15 of us travelling in 3 cars.

I was quite excited about the trip and woke up around 5.30am on Saturday morning to get ready for the journey. Sharlene was looking forward to it too and woke up without crying and fussing. How nice if she can be like this every morning especially during school days.

We left the house around 6.30am and reached Rawang toll to meet up with my sil's friend. After meeting up with them, we started our journey from Rawang toll to Ipoh. We had planned to stop by Ipoh for breakfast. All of us were not familiar with Ipoh but some how we managed to find a coffee shop and decided to have some food there.

Here's what we had for breakfast...

Popiah basah
The surface of the popiah is a bit too wet but the taste is not too bad and they are cheaper than the one here.

Ipoh Sar Hor Fun (Kuey Teow Soup)
Delicious bowl of noodles and it will taste even better with 'taugeh' (bean sprouts). I love taugeh, the more the better.

The gals enjoying their fishballs.

After breakfast in Ipoh, we proceeded with our journey again. This time we stopped over in Taiping, my brother-in-law's hometown. He brought us to Taiping Lake Gardens. Everyone got down from the cars to have a stroll in the gardens. It's quite a nice place for leisure walk. But, we only had a quick look around and took some photographs as the morning sun on that day was too hot to bear.

Scenic view of the gardens

My brother-in-law with the 2 gals

Sharlene having a great time sitting on daddy's shoulder and resting her arms on daddy's head.
This pic looked a bit senget (crooked) as though Sharlene is going to collapse.

Next, we brought the kids to Taiping Zoo, located just beside Taiping Lake Gardens. Luckily, it wasn't too crowded and we took a quick tour of the zoo by taking the open-air mini train. The train took us around the zoo for about 20 minutes. Sharlene was so thrilled as she finally has the chance to watch animals in the zoo. Some of the animals that we saw include elephants, orang utans, tigers, zebras, giraffes, deers, black panthers, snakes, and many many more.

We left Taiping Zoo almost 1pm, had our lunch and continued our journey to Penang. After we entered Penang toll, the traffic was horrendous and the cars were all moving bumper to bumper on Penang bridge. We lost our way a few times before we found the hotel. We stayed in Paradise Sandy Beach Resort located at the heart of Tanjung Bungah, Penang. We took 2 units of the deluxe family suite. Its a 2 bedroom suite with a balcony facing the sea, 2 bathrooms, a separate lounge, dining and kitchenette.

Upon arrival and checking-in, we went straight to the room to rest and the kids went to the pool for fun. After resting and swimming, we had buffet dinner at the hotel as we were too tired to drive out for dinner again.

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