Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Collection Of Report Card

Today hubby went to Sharlene's kindy to collect her report card. They reached the kindy early just like normal school days. After a short discussion with Sharlene's class teacher, hubby brought Sharlene home together with a folder containing her report card, test papers and completed worksheets. Even though she is just 3.5yrs old and doesn't quite like going to school, she did pretty well for her mid-year test and obtained good marks for all her subjects. After perusing all her test papers, I found that the questions set by the teachers were rather difficult and high standard for the young kids. I am sure the teachers have to explain the questions and guide the kids to complete the test. Otherwise, they will have difficulty in answering the questions.

Besides Sharlene's test results, Hubby was told by her class teacher that she got number 3 in her class. Wow! so young also they record the position in the class. Anyway, Hubby and I were very happy and proud of her achievement in her mid-year assessment and hope she will do well in future assessment too.

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