Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Enjoying Her Yoghurt

She loves yoghurt very much and would ask for more and more. But I only let her take 1 cup a day. I remembered once she finished up her cousin sister's cup of yoghurt as well - 2 cups of yoghurt at one go. My mum knows that she loves yoghurt and she bought so many of her favourite stuff including yoghurt and stored it in the fridge for her. When my food monster was there last week, she had a great time indulging in all her favourite food that was found in my mum's fridge.

Sitting quietly and enjoying her cup of yoghurt at poh-poh's house. Hmmmmm.....so yummy!

Licking the spoon clean.

We should introduce yoghurt to our children as yoghurt is an excellent food for them and has lots of health benefits too. Even I love to take yoghurt.

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