Friday, May 16, 2008

I Don't Want To Wear Pants!

Of late, Sharlene doesn't want to wear pants during bedtime at night. So weird...right! Sometimes, I just can't comprehend her weird habits especially her refusal of putting on her pants. This habit started when she doesn't want to wear diapers. I have tried to let her sleep without diapers but she wasn't ready for it yet. So, I will put on the diapers for her after she is fast asleep. It sounds so simple but this is really not an easy job for me. She really hates diapers. Although she's sound asleep, she will resist and struggle whenever I try to put on her diapers. And then I have to wait and try again later even though I'm already so sleepy and exhausted after a long day. At times, I get very angry, frustrated and tired after a few unsuccessful attempts on the same night. Since she doesn't want her diapers, I put on the pants for her but she doesn't even want her pants now. As I do not want to disturb her resting and make her cry in the middle of the night, I gave in to her by covering her half-naked body with a blanket. And for the past few days she has been sleeping without her pants until the next morning. I am truly upset and worry about her unusual habit. Nevertheless I will keep trying and be more patient towards her and hope she will understand why she needs to wear pants to bed.

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