Monday, May 12, 2008

What's Wrong With Her?

I really don't know what's wrong with Sharlene. Yesterday she has no fever the whole day. She was back to her usual self, very playful and also has appetite to eat and drink. So, I thought she has almost recovered but just now her fever came back again although it's not as high as 2 days ago. She was very whiny and wants to be carried most of the time. She still has red spots all over her face and body and looks so sickly and weak now. I told her I have to give her suppository but she cried instantly. I talked to her nicely and with the help of daddy, I managed to give her the suppository. I have to check her temperature again later in the night.

She normally gets well very fast, within 3-4 days but today is already the 7th day. She has also completed her antibiotics today but she doesn't seems to get well. Looks like Daddy will bring her to the paed again tomorrow.

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