Tuesday, May 20, 2008

So In Love With Animals

Sharlene loves animals and whenever she sees a kitten or puppy she wants to touch and stroke them. Sometimes, she even wants to carry them but I always turn down her request. To me, it is so unhygienic to touch animals especially the furry and hairy ones. I hardly touch or pat the 3 dogs at my mum's house but Sharlene is so different from me - she likes to be with them so much and even pose with one of the dogs in front of the camera.

My daring girl posing with one of the dogs, Bobby. Bobby is a very tame and obedient dog. When Hubby told him to sit down, he quietly sit beside Sharlene. She would like to stroke and take photos with the other 2 dogs as well but I dare not let her go near them. They are very noisy, like to bark a lot and they are not as tame as Bobby.

The morning sun was so glaring that she can't even open her eyes.

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